Breakfast in Bed?

You know what I love?
Pretty preppy themes...and breakfast food.
Naturally I am drawn to Valentine's Day for it's Kate Spade-esque patterns and colors
and what do I even have to explain about breakfast? Sweet + Salty, hello!!
Well, it being Valentine's week and all, 
Pinterest is CHALK FULL of sweet + delicious looking lovebird breakfasts perfect for your hunny
(Or yourselves, girls! I will survive!)

Here were the favorites I found:

I don't even like strawberries....but I LOVE this.

Um, Nutella French Toast? You had me at "um"

well, this isn't breakfast food, per se...but COME ON

What are you doing for Thursday? Anything?

1 comment:

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

these are so cute. i love hearts!
thursday is actually my mums birthday. i dont have a partner but will be spreading love to my mum and friends!