A Get Well Gift

Okay, so this is SLIGHTY off track 
from the Christmas spirit posts...
BUT it's too cute not to share,
and I figured maybe it could be spun into cute stocking stuffers
or Christmas gifts?

My little cousin recently got extensive back surgery!
Can you believe

and this:

are the same human!?
She's a trooper for sure.

In an effort to cheer her up during her 6 MONTH recovery,
I sent her a little package of goodies :)

I picked up a few pun-worthy candies and designed some little tags
that I printed on brightly colored papers:

Here's what I came up with...

then, just for a little extra unwrapping fun
(and to make sure it all got opened in order)
I put each one it's own little numbered bag!

into the box they went...

a silly little card to seal the deal...

and there you have it!
Happiness in a box!

I mean, seriously, who would be mad if this showed up for them?

Ever sent a get well soon gift?
Ever received one?
Ever had extensive back surgery?


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