Hey dudes! 
Hope you all had a fabulous LONG weekend!
It was so nice to be able to see so many of my family & friends!

Hopefully you all got a peak at this little gem?

I know they look like they hate me, and they might, but I swear we 
spoil them with treats whenever I get a little photo-shoot going :)

Besides the photo shoot, I made sure I had all my treats ready to go
before we left...

Got to spend a little time with my sisty

Marvel at the bird

and participate in my sister's husband & son's latest trick they call

Ah, the little things, right?

On top of all that, I did a little Black Friday shopping, 
swung by my 10 year high school reunion (I'm old),
started some Christmas decorating,
and I'm still alive! (Barely)

What were you up to?
Does your family use babies as amusement too?


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