DIY Advent Calendar

There were WAY too many 
cute advent calendars floating around
I couldn't help myself. I had to make one!

Want to see what I did?
(Okay, I know I always apologize for my cell phone pics,
but this time I mean it. The screen of my phone is SHATTERED
and the new one hasn't come in yet...so...)

Well I first grabbed a big stick from outside (perks of being in the sticks)
and spray painted it with metallic gold & silver (mostly because I ran out of gold)

Then I layed it on my work surface and estimated where all the gifties would hang

Each gift got individually wrapped and assigned a number
(Keep in mind these are all like dollar store finds. No more than $2.00 - actually thats kind of pushing it...)

and then I just started tying...

until I got something that looked like this!

I'm not sure how well it will stay up throughout the month,
or how many times I'll curse Porkchop's name 
as she sniffs out the goodies that are for her
but it was a fun little project to get me amped for Christmas :)

Do you guys have an advent?
Do you like mine?

1 comment:

Joanne said...

I love it! I might even try to make one for the grandson next year.