Currently being inspired by...

The Wild West!

Even though I'm a city girl, I've got a soft spot for some Southern Comfort.

My cute boyfriend, Todd:
is his own little cowboy, and his influence is clearly rubbing off.

Here are some of my faves:

A perfect little way to say hello to your visitors. Made out of barbed wire and natural elements, 
Wolf's Den's wreath is stealing my little heart.

I would wear this in a second! I love the little spurs!
Mack Custom Leather  out of Utica, Montana sells these dainty boots on their site.

Here is Martha's idea of a homemade Halloween costume.
While none of us could ever compete...

here are the steps to attempt to.

Hands down, I am getting these. How original! How funky! I love!
Western Home Decor  has lots of awesome unexpected home goods. Go check them out.

Adorable little night light!
sold here

Sweet & Sassy, just how I like it.
9SpotMonk's awesome letterpress card is right up my alley.

Who wouldn't want a big strong cowboy to help heal their wounds?
These adorable bandages can be found on Perpetual Kid's site.

I die.
I need these in my life!
Any other koozie would curl up & die in the presence of these balls to the wall koozies.
Conveniently found on Southern Brand's site.

These pastries are too cute for words.
I love the Sheriff badges on the cupcakes and the bandana layer on the cake is too much!
The Celebration Shoppe posted these on their blog.

Well, that's all for now, pardners.
New post again soon!

 Click here to purchase this MegMac card inspired by The Wild West

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