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I am the farthest thing from dainty that exists, but these little guys make me feel as proper as the queen.

Here are some of my faves:

This PERFECT little candle is courtesy of Fashion Online Today UK
This would be a great DIY project with some rummage sale finds!

Oh Look! Another reason to sew more!
TipNut posted these  step by step DIY instructions for making
this adorable Tea Cup Pincushion. Could make a great gift...

Perfection! This magnificent little necklace was posted by Temporary Secretary 
Look through the site, it has some awesome stuff.

How about this cute wallet. I love the colors and I love long wallets.
found this on The Bag Lady's site.
Check out her stuff.

I am in love with these.
Old China Teacups turned into wine glasses!
How inventive!
Country Living  posted this simple DIY project.

Please go here and look through all of Jessica Claire's pictures of this ADORABLE Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for three little girls.
Talk about attention to detail! I can't wait to throw birthday parties!

I found this on a political site referencing the Boston Tea Party, but I just thought it was so adorable, with the two-in-one tea pot/tea cup combo.
I love.

Oh, hello Miu Miu teacup heels. I'll tell you what, If I ever decide to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, I will for sure be wearing these.

Um...can you even stand it? Check out these recycled tea cup bracelets!!
My heart is rapidly beating at the joy this little babies bring me.
Check out the process here

My sister Liz and I love little items, and this would be perfect for our collection.
A little mini tea cup ring! How neat.
Check out this one and other adorable ones like it on lushlee's blog.

I posted a cute clock in the button post
but this teacup one really makes my knees weak.
I love the elegant/funky feel.
Totally digging it.

check out the good stuff here on Craftzine.com

Tea you later.

Click here to purchase the MegMac card inspired by teacups!

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