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I love the preppy nautical feel stripes give to almost anything.

Here are some of my faves:

I'll have three.
MarleyandLocker posted this chair on her elegant blog and I just about fell out of my chair.
This would be a fun and easy redo to a rummage sale find.
Sign me up!

While I'm not personally a journal-er, I love notebooks for all sorts of things.
This navy and khaki one from Olive Manna Papergoods is right up my alley.

I love the thick, bold, red stripes. I think this would look nice on a darker lamp, for a little contrast.
Check out My First Room's other options too.

I would wear a hole in this bag.
Perfect for the summer and holding all those little things a fabulous lady needs.
Found in Straw Studio's plethora of finds.

I am really loving on striped wallpaper these days. Here is a modern example and below a more traditional one.

The stripes really create an elongation of the room whether grandiose like this foyer or small and intimate like the room above.
Check out some more striped interior ideas here

A little preppy flat! I love!
This would be the perfect way to break up some skinnies and a leather bomber!
I found them here

I love the black/turquoise combo. These little boy shorts are from Victoria's Secret's Pink line ,
and it would be suffice to say that I am obsessed.

How about this personalized little number?
A great way to keep track of your janitor stash of keys.
Glitzy-Glam does a great job!

I am a sucker for funky glasses, so obviously these glasses and I had a very passionate romance via my computer screen. I love everything about them, except the fact that I don't own them.

and if your feeling really cheeky, you can store them in this cute case:

As so cleverly displayed on Velvet's website.

I would spend a lot less money at Starbucks if I had this cute mug to fill up.
or for you accident prone peeps, like myself,
this might be a better option:
Anjie from Pom Pom Emporium  sewed this devilishly cute mug.

and to end on a sweet note,

Pretty Cool Cakes' expertly executed striped heart cookie.
The perfect way to say I Love You.

Which I do.

More posts later!

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