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A little place to warm your hand or place your treasures.
For me, if it's got pockets, it's automatically better.

Here are some of my faves:

This is an armchair caddy, easily a DIY project with your own fabrics.
CraftGossip.com has the tutorial.

These handmade cutlery pockets, made by Kitchen Critic are so endearing.

This adorable apron by Courtney from Two Straight Lines is too cute for words,
I love the typed fabric worked into the eclectic collection.

these wine bags from Perpetual Kid   have 4 pockets in each bag,
 a perfect place to hold cute coasters, or whatever your heart desires.

Country Living calls this their Pocket Board.
Get DIY tips here

Long sleeved mini dress?
That are kelly green?


We already have discussed my love for notebooks
but this one with the little pockets for your treasures is just the cat's pajamas!
Eden Project Shop posted this handmade journal on their site.

Better Homes & Gardens posted this DIY project for a 6 pocket bag, perfect for on the go moms, students, or bloggers.

Here is an awesome vintage pocket watch.
I'm very much in love with this. Like, want to elope.
check out some more like this here

I think this is adorable! Here is a hand sewn pocket square that the bride gave the groom just moments before their wedding. Adorable.

Check out some other pocket square ideas here

and here is a little something I wouldn't mind finding in my pocket.

New post soon!

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