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Happy Monday everyone!
I'm very much looking forward to fall, but am trying my best 
to soak in these last days of summer.

So without further ado,
Here are some of my faves:

Fabulous neckware found here

Crafty little DIY project, perhaps?
Don't feel like doing all the work?
Purchase this mirror from this Etsy artist.

Gorgeous cupcakes.

You can even decorate your house with them.

What a cute little tablescape idea!
Thanks, BHG

Thanks for stopping by!
SEA you later...


Buffy said...

Hi Meg, loving your blog as always...a few notes about seashells...I did the seashell backsplash in a kitchen once. Adorable look, but very messy. Be sure 1.) to wash the shells very well before you stick them in the stucco or your kitchen will smell like low tide for a while and 2.) be careful not to set things against it, not too hardy of a medium! Loved the look, though!

MEGMAC said...

Thanks for the tips Buffy! And thanks for reading!