Trying to Comment?

Have your attempts at commenting on the blog been unsuccessful?
Don't worry you're not the only one :(

To begin, may I apologize for the inconvenience
and THANK YOU for even trying.

In my determination to find a solution, I've come up with these options:

First of all, you should be an official follower.
Not just for my own notoriety, but if you are an official follower,
 you're always logged in 
and your  comments show up with your pretty little face right next to it!

So, if you're not already and would like to be an OFFICIAL follower - here's how:

click the button on the right hand side
under the title "my loves"
that looks like this:

It will then open up a window and ask you to sign in with your current email address:

Once you have typed in your email/password you're a follower!!
It's so easy!

You'll know you are because at the top of the follower box, there you'll be:

 See how my name is on the top?
It's because I'm a follower.
...of my own blog...
stop judging.

Now some of you are followers and are still having trouble
(again, sorry & thanks)

Here is what Blogger has to say:

1. If a user is using Firefox as his browser, he must allow third party cookies. 
If this is not in his settings, the comments disappear.
2. If the user has a pop-up blocker, it is possible that it will prevent him from seeing the word verification. If he does not solve the word verification captcha, the comment will not post.

Perhaps these are your problems?
Well the easiest solution is to buy a mac follow these instructions on how to allow third party cookies
and these instructions on how to turn off your pop-up blocker.

If all of this is way over your head, just tell your tech saavy friends to come follow me here
and you can just comment on the 

has everyone become a Facebook fan?
You should.

Okay, enough with the nerd lingo.
I promise to never post such a boring thing again.

See you soon!


Cat said...

Okay...so I have been having major problems with my friend-recently-turned-enemy "blogger" too. Over the weekend, it decided that, nope, I am not following ANY blogs and deleted all of the blogs I had been following!

xx Cat brideblu

MEGMAC said...

Roger that, Cat! Same thing happened to me. NOT ok.

Thanks for stopping by!