It's Friday,
In case you missed it, we didn't have a Friday Faves last week because 
Blogger someone was feeling under the weather...
...this does not however explain the lack of Monday's Inspiration post. I'll take full credit on that one.

Anyway, folks, the task at hand, 

My weekend involves:
*Squeezing my sweets
*Snapping pictures at Plop's SWIM CLASS! 
(dying to see that baby in some trunks.)
*Snagging a screaming deal on some dining chairs with upholstered seats.
(Anyone have any they're trying to get rid of? Anyone? Bueller?)

What about yous?
What do you and yours have going on?

Well, while you think about it,
how 'bout some faves?

Rest assured.
If I had a body like this, I would rock the hell out of these.

I was just talking to Todd about ways to reuse the leftover wood we have from
Grady's Baptism (when we did a similar project.)
I was thinking chalkboard, but maybe wood burning is better?

I need to throw a party like this.
Need to.

Speaking of rustic...
I'll have 7.

and a little "too-cool-for-school" action from Sir Plopsalot.
(Just like his Fairy G)

Hope you all have a SPLENDID weekend.
I'll meet you here Monday.


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