Vicarious Living

Well, this is pretty much what I'm dealing with today:
Yes, it is the final days before Memorial Day, the supposed start of summer,
and I am stuck inside seeking shelter from the cold, wind and scary death clouds hanging over me.

In a desperate attempt to not lose complete faith in this glorious gloomy city of mine,
I have put together a little dream cocktail party with the help of some gorgeous images
found on some of my favorite blogs.

I'm almost scared to think about how negative my mood would be if it weren't for the inspiration that can be found on the ol' interweb.

So, ladies, shall we have a cocktail?

Stay dry, Chicagoans.
Give yourself a pat on the back for not living here, everyone else.


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

Love the banner! Is it too early to say I want that cocktail? (Probably, but I do!) I also have the clouds of death hanging over me so I can sympathise!

MEGMAC said...

Oy, thanks but no thanks, rain!

(I too love the banner!)