Wedding Week: What we wore

...and so we meet again!

Our whole wedding "theme" was Rustic Elegance 
figuring out what everyone should wear was kind of a toss up.
We were getting married in a barn...
but we didn't want it to just be any ol' casual party.

My mother told me a few times that 
you can't make any decisions until you have the dress
and, as usual, she was right.

Once I had the dress picked out it seemed like everything else 
was an easy decision.

I wore a sweetheart strapless lace dress with a navy shoe:

For the ceremony & pictures I accessorized it with an ivory sash, chunky pearl necklace,
my grandma's pearl bracelet, and a veil I wish was acceptable to wear to the grocery store.

Todd & the boys all wore 
matching khaki linen vest & pants 
with a white shirt, rolled at the sleeves,
a navy tie that we gifted them, 
& whatever brown shoes they wanted

My girls got a little more creative control (sorry boys)
I told them to pick whatever navy dress & nude shoe they wanted.
I loved seeing all their personalities shine, 
and I didn't have anyone talking sh*t about 
how much they hated the dress I forced them into :)

Our littles were arguably the cutest littles in any wedding...ever.
Our ring bearers were both of our godsons.
(Grady, the brunette, is my sister's oldest and Koyie, the blondie, is Todd's cousin)
they wore matching khaki pants, with a white rolled-sleeved shirt, navy suspenders & chucks.
There bow-ties were handmade by my dear friend Katie, using fabric I designed on Spoonflower
it was a navy fabric with a white bear silhouette
Get it? Ring BEARers? Todd loved it.

Flynn is my sister's youngest, and even though we didn't have him walk down the aisle
we still dressed him to match...
I mean, you can never really have enough little boys in suspenders & bow ties!

Our FABULOUS flower girl, Wylie, was really the star of the show.
It's crazy to me how big & beautiful she is.
I still think of her as this chubby cheeked little baby. 
She is definitely blossoming into a gorgeous little girl.

I was pushing for her to wear a tutu, 
but as with my big girls I didn't want anyone resenting me because of an outfit...  
Ultimately she ended up in a lace dress, chuck taylors & the sweetest floral crown 
from Event Floral (much more on them tomorrow!)

After our ceremony, I switched things up just a bit!
I swapped my sash out for a dark navy one, 
ditched the pearls for some sparkle, 
and bid adieu to my gorgeous veil for the evening.

Party Time!

Not having everyone in exactly the same thing can seem a little crazy,
but I think it all came together just fine.

What do you think?


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