Wedding Week: MegMac!

Well, here we are. 
The end of our wedding week journey.
Hope you're not too wedding-ed out :(

I got a lot of compliments on how personalized our wedding was!
I wasn't going above & beyond to have people react that way...
I just think from working with brides all year and having seen my fair share of weddings,
I knew I didn't want it to be cookie-cutter.

I also (believe it or not) spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest
& with that whole can of worms I had more than enough ideas.

I shared snips with you before, but I made our invitations:

I painted a bunch of signs for our venue

I created our wedding programs

put together our menus and little cards to acknowledge our home grown food

I made an escort board

and seating cards for our head table

I did a rustic little take on the family tree...

I had a friend from high school draw our pictures 
& made them into little buttons for our guests to wear...

and we made favors for everyone with a sentimental little back story

Creating all of these things for our special day
and having people notice the time & effort made it all worthwhile.

Obviously the day was about Todd & I and had it just been the two of us at a courthouse 
it would have been perfect.
 But to be able to flex my creative muscles, sing & dance with everyone we love,
 and be in a perfectly personalized atmosphere
made it all the more special.

I'm so glad you stuck around all week!
Thanks for re-living this magical day with me.
I wish it could be wedding week every week!

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