Hey dudes hey!

Well well well,
What do we have here?
Is this a blog post?
Man, it's been so long I almost forgot how to even post these suckers!

I figured a good first-post-back-in-a-decade would be a little major recap,
so buckle up! Lot's of cell phone pics coming your way!

Okay, so let's see. Since last we chatted...

My sweet Ohnie got surgery (and has since recovered)

My ladies threw us a little couple's shower...

I spent some time on wedding related projects

Went on a FABULOUS Bachelorette weekend in NASHVILLE!

Celebrated my (now) sister-in-law's High School Graduation :)

Got ourselves ready for the big day...


Worked on some cute client orders

Made a little father's day cake for Todd's mowing obsessed dad.

Did my best to send Thank Yous to those 
that were helping me the most in those final pre-nuptial hours.

Dyed my hair...

Got my 'Merica on.

Celebrated my godson's 3 birthday - golf style 

Did a few upgrades to the backyard

Survived Country Thunder 2013

Didn't pee my pants when my husband drove off in his new motorcycle...

and just this weekend, got to SHOWER my bestie 
with love at her very first bridal shower.
So much fun :)

So, I guess thats a lot, but it has been like 6 months...
What have you guys been up to?

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