We Jammin'

Happy Thursday!

Now that I live in the sticks, my opportunities for hearing
new music (read: music that isn't country) are fewer and far between.
**Don't get it twisted, I LOVE Country Music.

Last weekend I had a much needed trip home & made myself a pretty sweet mix for the ride!
I was so excited to dance around to all my new tunes when I got there...until I quickly realized that my fine city-folk friends were already over them and on to the next.

So whether this is old news or something new, I thought it might be fun 
to share the jams that I've been rocking as of late
(It should also be noted that I only listen to these, 
I have no passion for any of these videos, sometimes I think they're distracting...)

First and foremost, the song that everyone in my daily life officially hates
because I'm obsessed.  
Bluegrass meets Dance? Yes.
----- Wake Me Up - Avicii ----

Our friend Kade always has these little underground country artists he's into.
Last year I actually met Eric Paslay & he was RIDICULOUSLY down to earth. 
Before I even knew this song was him I was into it, 
now that the connection has been made I'm smitten
---- Friday Night - Eric Paslay -----

This girl is a nut. Love her.  I'm particularly fond of the line,
"Got my bad baby by my heavenly side"
It's essentially a downer song, but if you find yourself a good remix it's definitely danceable.
---- Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey ----

I starting boycotting American Idol when my boyfriend, Simon Cowell, left.
Mostly that hasn't been a mistake, but this dude's a stud.
When this song is on you can bet on a full blown car concert
---- Gone, Gone, Gone - Philip Phillips ----

Miranda 2.0
This girl makes me want to be a rockstar.  
Cleverly written, great beat, perfect sing along :)
---- Blowin' Smoke - Kacey Musgraves ----

And finally, was introduced to this bad b*tch this weekend.
This is not a child or work friendly song, 
but if you're needing a little white-girl street cred...this is it!
---- Work - Iggy Azaela ----

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