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This is Wylie Marie, Todd's cousin's adorable little girl,
who this Christmas had the pleasure of being a mustache model for our viewing pleasure.
Wylie, this post if for you.

Here are some of my faves:

I would love this in my foyer...if I had a foyer.

I mean...
This mustache has a ball on the other end for your pooch to grab onto.

Speaking of rings, how adorbs is this?

Little chocolate mustaches, they're even on a stick!
Found them on Mustache

I want! I need! I love!
Pint glasses with little frosted mustaches!

I posted these on the Gingham post, but let's revisit, shall we?

I feel like these would get used up as party tricks before they ever stopped any blood,
but here is where I found them...

Love this brown leather mustache keychain.

And finally, an ode to the ol' fingerstache...

'Stache some of these ideas away for the next gift you give.
See you soon!

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