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My roomie, Maggie, and I were discussing these cute little guys just the other day.
So Margaret, this ones for you.

Here are some of my faves:
I just have to start with these because I can't even stand how cute they are.
Can't stand it!

Marvelous throw pillows, just screaming for attention from your Nantucket beach house.

Who wouldn't want to whip something up if they had this beaut?

The cutest little napkin holder.

For all the dudes in the blog world:
Found these guys here

A cute little soap mold

Sassy little seahorse suit.

Handmade necklace found on Little Leaf Adornments.
Be sure to check out the matching ring too!

So, I love a funky table lamp like I love me some wallpaper.
Here is a silly white seahorse to brighten your favortie nook.

Etsy find of the day: Seahorse Coasters!

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