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My Friends John, Carissa & I went to the Cubs game yesterday and then
afterward headed to this bar called Houndstooth.
Houndstooth has always been a fun wrigleyville bar but it just switched locations
and I was just tickled by their new funky style!
So without further ado...

Here are some of my faves:

First of all, DIE.
Like, get in my closet.
Ugh, I need these.

Speaking of styling...
these girls have got it down pat.

Cute little DIY flowers for your office or nursery.

The sweetest little coffe cup set.
Found here

Don't let your pooch miss out on all the fun!
Matching collar & leash from Snuggle Puppies!

Gentleman, you can do Houndstooth too.
Like this tie

Or these funky cufflinks.

Um, these are edible.
Like, who does that?
Go check out Amber's blog & see all the other remarkable stuff she does too!

Keep your laptop cozy in style!
Loving this computer bag.

Obviously some funktastical use of houdstooth throughout the interior.

And God bless this too cute for words clipboard!

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