{Anniversary} Weekend Recap

Hello my loves!
Long time no blog!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.
I forgot yesterday was the ol' MLK Monday off, 
so I'm starting my week a little behind schedule...
but I promise I'll get everything to you.

First of all I wanted to share some shots from the weekend.
(which was super fun, by the way)

Friday we celebrated Rocky's departure from her youth (small joke)
Saturday Todd and I celebrated our anniversary (Which is actually today - Love ya toots!)
Sunday we cheered the Bears to victory!
and yesterday I hung out with my little fat plop.

I guess I could have just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

you're so vain

Grant, Maggie, & Ray

Josh & Kev

Senior Pics for everyone!

We'll talk about the mask later...


Typewriter Key cufflinks I got for Toddler.


Grady crawls to his keys


Got em'


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Stay tuned for lots of goodies this week.

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