Currently being inspired by...


What better thing to be inspired by?
There are so many cute options and fun alternatives.

Here are some of my faves:

Why, hello pocketbook CAKE

SeeSaw's Letterpress Calendar has definitely made the blog rounds.
But in case you missed it - CHECK IT OUT

Love these little DIY templates

How chic? 
This fabric printed option would be perfect in my office.
(also available in gray)

Totally doing this DIY

Check out this whole post about gorgeous calendars!

OBSESSED with this necklace.
You can put a rhinestone on whatever your special event is
Anniversary, birthday, baby's birthday, etc.

Which one was your fave?


seeaw said...

thanks for including us.

MEGMAC said...

WOW! Thanks for noticing! And for making a gorgey-poodle calendar.