Raise your hand if you've ever had a lady crush?
(And I'm not talking to the 5 men who read this blog)

Let me explain myself. 

I love a big strong man, but every so often I become obsessed with a woman.
 Be it for her talent, her fashion sense, or perhaps her sense of humor.
 Almost always these women are celebrities and the current one I'm swooning over is

All 5'2'' of this hard rocking country girl has me totally considering a career change to country music.
(If only I could rock as hard as she can...)

Anywheats, I recently obtained her latest album, Revolution, and it's one of those
"she must have written this album for me" collections, because every song speaks to me.

I put together a few prints of my favorite lyrics and I'll put them in my Etsy shop soon.
In the meantime, enjoy the lyrics and go buy her album (if you're not already obsessed like me) and then we'll talk about our mutual love.

Love it?

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