Panties Present

While we're still on the topic of 
B A C H E L O R E T T E  P A R T I E S ...
I thought I would share the present I gave to my good friend at hers.

I had actually put one of these together the week prior for my friend Katie,
but we ran out of time to photograph it, and it was too cute not to share.

A pretty popular event for Bachelorette Parties is the coveted Lingerie Shower.
There's plenty of ways to spice that up, but this one has been my favorite so far.

Katie and I found a similar project
 but adjusted the poems & style to fit our needs.

I gifted my version in this adorable little bag,
but you could easily do it in a box, or even as a clothesline!

all of my panties went into individual vellum bags with coordinating ribbon, 
but again, tissue would work well, 
or even individually wrapped mini-boxes...
you just want to make sure each panty goes with it's intended tag :)

So here's how it goes...

Adorable, right? 
There's plenty of room to be creative with what each card means,
or what the bride would most prefer.

Want to give this as a gift?
an assembled or printable version!

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