Claire's Bachelorette!

Finally, right?

Oh, I'm so excited to share 
Claire's Fabulous Neon Themed Bachelorette Party!
Hey Girls HEEEEYYY!!!!

So, we talked about the invitation...

On the Friday everyone was leaving, I put a little text over a 
Pinterest image and sent this little beaut to everyone's inboxes...

Meanwhile, we got to decorating the cottage so the bride could be greeted with this

{neon exchange so everyone would be dressed appropriately}

{silly pictures of the bride everywhere, with thought/word bubbles for everyone to fill in}

{quotes & pictures everywhere - never too many cuss words at a bachelorette, right?}


On Friday we stayed in & played some silly games

Then on Saturday we got up bright and early,
put on the most obnoxious outfits we could find,
rented bikes, and rode to a winery!!

{don't worry, we made her a neon helmet...with a veil}

After the ride, we enjoyed a little rest & relaxation
before we got re-fueled to head out for our evening!

when the weekend was over.
BUT the wedding is next weekend, so that is giving me at least something to live for...

What do you think? 
On a scale of 1-10 how jealous are you that you weren't there :)


Rocky said...

Sooooo fun great recap, wish Claire had a bachelorette every weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your party looks like so much fun! I was searching for ideas for my friend who recently got engaged. What font did you use for the picture frames? Love the "black out" with our rack out ones. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So many cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!