Weekend Recap: Bestie Got Hitched!

What a magical couple of days!
It was so fun & wonderful to be a part of my best friend's
(since kindergarten!)
Wedding Weekend!
The love she & John have for one another is second to none
and it was a true pleasure to be able to stand with them and witness their commitment.

Not to mention, little miss detail didn't miss a beat!

Shall we re-cap the weekend?

First of all, getting our group of girlfriends together for the first time in the actual
church is not the best idea. We were a little giddy to be seeing each other for the first time,
and may or may-not have been scolded by the nun a time or two, but never the less got through rehearsal...

then we had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant, and the girls headed off for our 7th grade sleepover and the boys went back home to do...whatever boys do before a wedding...

The next morning we all ran around "wooing" at the bride whenever she would walk by, drinking mimosas, getting our faces on and gearing up for the ceremony.

once we got all dolled up it was off to the church...in a school bus :)

and then we headed to their venue - the FABULOUS Architectural Artifacts

we toasted, and danced the night away.

it was a PERFECT evening for the new Mr. & Mrs.

(can we discuss this photo by my girl, Katie!? Amazing.)

Thank you to Claire + John for allowing me to be a part of your day.

It was definitely one for the books
Love you both!

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