Last Minute Halloween!

Happy Halloween, my loves!

So sorry I mysteriously disappeared there!
The party took up some time, and then there was some last minute traveling,
you know... life.

I'll be sure to share the details from the party tomorrow, 
but thought today - just in case you need to whip up some last minute
trick-or-treats -  I would share with you the cupcakes I busted out last night.

See, part time I work at an after school program, 
and I love to make little themed treats
for all the kiddies on holidays. 
(Who am I kidding, I just love an excuse for a themed treat)
Usually I do a little better job of planning ahead, 
but like I said...life. 

Using store bought cake mix and frosting 
I made three different simple-enough halloween cupcakes. 
Wanna see?


First, The Spiderweb:

So, whatever your flavor of choice, you want to frost the cupcake flat.
(don't worry about piping on something elaborate)
Take a contrasting color (I went with white) and fill up a piping bag.
(A little sandwich bag will do fine if you don't have the fancy stuff.)
Snip off the corner, be careful not to cut it on an angle - you want a straight(ish) thin line

then make yourself some circles.
These are regular sized cupcakes and I got three good rings on there.
Depending on how little you snip your bag, you might be able to get more.

Once your circles are done, you want to grab a clean toothpick 
and start dragging the frosting from the middle to the outside edge. 

repeat, repeat, repeat

Now all they need is a little plastic spider & you're good to go.
Boom, one down.

Next, The Pumpkin.
(You'll probably have better luck than I did!)

Again, just frost them flat
(although these could still be pumpkins if you piped on the frosting...)

Get yourself a few tootsie rolls

and stick those suckers in there, for some de-lish stems!

you could stop there or you could add some details...
(toothpicks & sprinkles are your best friends.)

or if you wanted to add a little more... 
put some green frosting in a piping bag

...remember when I said you could use a sandwich bag if you don't have the legit piping bag?
Well careful. Cheap baggies + tiny hole = lots of pressure.

You might be able to do something like this

and they could also come out like this

Martha we are not, so don't beat yourself up too much :)

Okay... last but certainly not least,

The Melted Witch:

you got it, get yourself some green frosting
I piped these on, but not too high...just wanted a little more than a spread.

Now you'll need some fudge stripes, 

some hershey kisses,

and a little frosting for glue...

so cute right!?
Well you could easily stop there, or...

Grab some fun paper, cut out some little shoe shapes,

glue those to a striped paper straw and


Easy enough, right?
If I can do 3 dozen at the end of the day, 
you could certainly handle making a few before your festivities tonight!

Whatever the day brings, I hope you have fun!

Happy Halloween!
(Mwah, ha, ha!)

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