Halloween Invitations

Of all the parties I've thrown 
(and trust me, it's been a lot!)
I have NEVER thrown an official Halloween Party!

Well, this year I get to! 
Yep, this Saturday were having some friends over for a little 
Costumes & Cocktails party.
Eventually were going to meet people out on the town,
so even though this soiree is on the small side (for me)
I couldn't help but put together a little invite to set the mood.

As previously mentioned, I'm obsessed with Halloween,
and on a broader scale, a theme in general,
but people are hesitant to dress up and travel by themselves. 
 I thought getting everyone together before we go out 
would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone excited to be in costume!

Here's what I sent out:

I should mention that although I originally had them packaged in mini bags 
that were stuffed with tissue, essentially making a mini padded envelope, 
the new person at the post office was not having it that they could be sent through the mail...
I ended up re-packaging in actual envelopes, which takes away from the design a bit, 
but I'm just happy they all made it to their destination.

What are you doing for Halloween?
Did you send out any invitations?

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