Bad Blogger...

Happy Monday!
(22 hours into it...)

How was everyone's Halloween?
Are you full of candy yet?
 Hard to believe this but I don't think I could eat another piece!

We had a very fun Halloween, might have hit a few speed bumps, but fun indeed.
One of said speed bumps may or may not have been leaving my camera in the car...

So I have limited photos to share.

Also, I made meringue bones like these but I never photographed them...

and I made cake balls that looked like pumpkins, but I only remembered to photograph them with my phone, so brace yourself for the beauty of this photo...

At least I did a recap like I promised?
Hope you remembered a few more things than I did
and had a very Happy Halloween :)

1 comment:

Lindsey Holt said...

mad props to you for getting him in a costume for halloween. my better half refused unfortunately. he may however go for a costume like that (so i may have to borrow the idea for next year...too cute)

and secondly those cupcakes are adorable!!!

xo, lindsey