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Brown Kraft Paper!

I'm back! How was everyone's weekend?
To be honest, mine was terrible and I've never been more grateful for a Monday!
Especially cause that means inspiration day, and I could for sure use a little.

Even though Kraft Paper is quite...well...plain
there are some extraordinary ways to use it!

Here are some of my faves:

adorable little wedding favors.

Um, the cutest cupcake boxes ever? I think so!

This has definitely made the rounds in the blogosphere
but I had to post it.
How stinking cute?

Loving the Kraft envelopes!

This is a cute idea for a baby shower or birthday party!

LOVE this Etsy find.

What a great way to wrap a present!

A genius way to set up your own Gallery Wall.

Do you love Kraft Paper as much as I do?

Well you can't love it as much as you're going to LOVE 
what Carolyn is doing to the site!

Ooooh, Can't wait!!!


LifestyleBohemia said...

I've been using kraft paper recently when wrapping gifts. It looks amazing when paired with a bright ribbon.
Lovely post!

MEGMAC said...

Thanks! Yes I too am a fan of wrapping with the Kraft. Just to switch it up a little :)

loulou said...

Terrible weekend? Not allowed!! I hope all is well, and getting better!

MEGMAC said...

Thank You!