How is everyone enjoying the new layout?
I'm totally smitten.

You may have noticed the button above marked SHOP

That button magically takes you over to my Etsy Shop 
which has been stocked with all sorts of new fun goodies.

Like these Thanksgiving Party Goods!

which can be personalized for your Thanksgiving Feast by just clicking

Hope you enjoy!
What are your Thanksgiving plans?


Lindsey Holt said...

these are the cutest! i'm a new follower and LOVE your blog!

i would totally order some if i cooked and hosted...but the only thing i create in the kitchen are disasters! :)

have a lovely week!
xo, lindsey


MEGMAC said...

Thanks, Lindsey!
Hope you have a great week too!

Carolyn said...

I'm smitten. Ha! And I'm loving the turkey with the steam coming off and silverware toppers. Totes wondey.

MEGMAC said...

Oh Carolyn! How wondey you are!