{long} weekend re-cap

As promised!!

Here are some of my favorite shots from this weekend,
 which was truly filled with people I am thankful for!

Hope you are as blessed as I am.

The bird

My mom's Thanksgiving spreaders.

GPC's first Thanksgiving
(naturally I decorated his little seat like a turkey...)

Catholic Casserole

A little post dinner jam sesh.

Friday night gathering with my faves:

Saturday with the other side of the fam:

Jack (on the left) is 8 months old
Grady (on the right) is 4 months old.
Can someone say moosey?

Not so baby Lilly.

The best shot of the grandkids (on my dad's side) I got on my camera.
*Keep in mind this is still 6 short of the entire crew...

Uncle Ed and baby Grady

I also saw Love & Other Drugs this weekend.
I totally recommend it - if for no other reason than to oogle Jake Gyllenhal's manly shoulders for 2 hours...

So, how was your Thanksgiving??


Carolyn said...

Great, great pics! What is this Catholic Casserole? I'm Catholic-to-the-max and never had it!

MEGMAC said...

Hey lady!! Catholic Casserole is just regular ol' Green Bean Casserole (like the one of the back of the French's can...) but we have just always called it that - I thought everyone did. Guess not! Hope yo had a great Thanksgiving!

MEGMAC said...

Next time I'll work a little harder on my comment editing skills...