Friday My Doves!

Weekend, we meet again.
Love it.

We have a very cute little boy's first birthday this weekend.
(I helped his mommy with lots of party details so I'll be sure to share!)
and a Father's Day brunch! (Wish me luck, I'm cooking!)
Other than that I think I'll be having a very serious love affair with the pool.

What about you?
Got anything going on?
Needing some inspiration?

How about some faves:

Just ordered an adorable strap from this talented lady.

Really want a green Illinois one.
(cough, cough, Todd)

Love the plans Sherri & John have in store 
for their already more fabulous fireplace.

And what would a Friday be with out a little GPants?
please note his feathered mullet - God I love that kid.

Happy Weekend!
See you Monday!

Oh, P.S. - 
Unfortunately, due to "policies" Facebook will not allow contests. The votes that have already been cast will be carried over and continued on their actual website and then additional voting will take place there - details to follow.


birdie to be said...

Beautiful post! How amazing would this baby shower be! So pretty

All Of A Sudden Life Is Amazing said...

Those book plates are so cool! I love the pillows! I need one for Alabama!!

Bug and Bird said...

i scrolled by the book plates, went back up to look at them again, and then went back up to look at them again!

ah, i love them.

for my weekend? well i spent thurs and fri at home from work being sick, and i'm still sick today, but it's my last weekend with the Bird before he starts his new job so we want to do something special~ who knows? there will probably be a Weekends in Sydney post by next wednesday

enjoy yours~