Turn up the lights in here, baby!

Oh friends, you have no idea how nice it is to have POWER!
Tuesday night we had a (seemingly mini) storm and we've been left powerless
ever since! Yesterday I was literally throwing bows at a Panera to stake claim over my table with an outlet - madness!

But today we are up and running!
(I was awoken to what I thought was someone shining a flash light directly in my eye, 
but it was just my bedside lamp still on from the night the power went out - that was fun)

To everyone awaiting email responses, or digital copies - I'm on my way!
Enjoy some WORDS until then.
Happy (illuminated) Thursday!!


Kat said...

"play like a pirate"... awesome!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Can't believe you have been without power since Tuesday (this used to happen to me all the time back in South Africa and I would be jolted awake by the television blaring or the vacume cleaner going when the power went on in the middle of the night - oh happy times)! Love the 'play like a pirate' quote!

Bug and Bird said...

ah! i need to get that "play like a pirate" for my bird. that's he's saying when complaining about higher-ups at work or people who cut into line ahead of you. he mumbles "what a pirate" under his breath. so of course, as a surprise gift last year i got him skull and crossbones cufflinks to wear at work, as a small form of rebellion :)