Smilings my favorite :)

Just like Fridays.
What do you all have planned for this weekend?
Were laying low tonight, going to a concert and then a party tomorrow, 
and then probably recovering Sunday...

Whatever you're doing I hope you have fun!  

and if you had an extra moment or two you could send some warm SUNNY thoughts to us midwesterners. 
Not sure where you have been, SUN, but it's summer - get out here!

Have some faves:

I pitty the foo who doesn't know where this came from.
Seriously though - no source.

Did everyone see Spoiled Eggs' birth announcement?

And a very curious little Plop for your weekly fill.

Hope you have a great one!

Remember the Cupcake/Cookie contest that you all were nice enough to vote for?
Well due to some technical loop-holes they had to take it off Facebook and put it on their actual website.
Now the contest is up again, but none of our previous votes count :( 
So I need your help again.

Click HERE
and look for my Banana Split Cupcake 
You just click the picture, fill out your name and then your vote has been cast!
Thanks in advance for all your support!

Have a good weekend!


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

A Mr T baby costume? Where the hell was that when I was a kid? I LOVE it! Also loving Dear Photograph! Enjoy the concert & the rest of the weekend. Here's hoping the sun comes out for us both! MegHan x

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Love the I Do forks!

Have a great weekend!!!

birdie to be said...

Cutest silverware EVER!

Melissa C said...

Cute pics! Enjoy your concert :)

Vasu said...

love them....so cute and lovely


Bug and Bird said...

i love the Dear Photograph section. i wish i had my poloraid here in sydney, i would definitely take similar photos.

and i voted, again :)