Halloween Party Re-cap.

Did you have a good Halloween?
Are we over it yet?

Well, hang on for one more little run-down,
I'm totally excited to share the pictures I got of the party.
(I'm not excited to share because of their quality...  
You see, I have a nice camera, but ever since I got this iPhone
I never want to be "burdened" by my big guy.  
Well, this time I made myself a promise & before the party 
I busted it out and started snapping all the details...
come to find out there wasn't a card in the camera. Wah, wah. 
Universe's way of telling me to stick to the phone?)

I digress...
The party was a blast! I loved to be able to decorate
and make little themed treats.
Here's a peak into our Saturday evening :)

On Friday night I prepped a few treats
(got myself one too!)

so I could be ready to decorate on Saturday!

I set things up, and (for the first time ever) was all ready when guests arrived!

Todd and I got into our ensembles...

and the evening went off without a hitch!
Allllllllllrighty then!

What do you think?
Ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas?
Bring on the season of themed edible goods!

Happy Weekend. xoxo

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