Inspired Outfit

A couple nights ago,
Todd and I were watching
Although this is my second post inspired
by a singing competition TV show,
I swear we do watch other TV in this house.

it was kind of just background noise until
I heard this dude, James Wolpert,
bust out some Joni Mitchell, "A Case of You."
I loved it.  The song, his version, 
but surprisingly also his style.
I've seen this guy throughout the competition,
he kind of claims himself as "the nerd"
but something about this vintage style he had for his performance
had me itching for a new 'fit.

If you too are digging his retro vibe,
and, like me, don't have a money tree,
perhaps you'll appreciate this outfit on a budget
inspired by good 'ol James' look.

Everything you need, somethings you might already have.
What do you think? Does the vintage rock & roll suit you?
What would you do differently?

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