'Tis the season to be thankful, right?
Well, I'm thankful for lots of things,
one of them being CRAFTS!

Thought I would share with you a little banner I put 
together just in time for the Schpanksgiving season.

First I printed out some letters, perfect for my 4" circle punch!
I flip the punch upside down so I can make sure I'm punching in the right place :)

Then I grabbed some paper in various colors 
and cut them all to 5.25 x 7.25"

For all 8 letters in T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L
I needed 24 pieces.

Each piece needs to be folded, accordion style

Until you've got it all folded.

Now pinch the accordion in half, like so
and repeat, repeat, repeat.
You'll need 3 of these little guys per letter.

Once they're all folded, you'll have to work on assembling.

Add a little glue to the inside face

and pinch it to the opposite face

tip: if your accordions don't fold perfectly, don't worry!
Just make sure the little leftover 
is on the inside and glue that together to hide it.

eventually you'll have a bunch of folded pie piece looking things:

bust out your glue gun again 
(which is hopefully in better shape than mine is, we've had a long life together...)

and get all three pieces glued together
so it makes a little pinwheel :)

another dab of glue in the middle is all you'll need to adhere the letters

and then it's just a touch more hot glue + some coordinating ribbon to bring it all home

Sweet, right?

Well as a special thank you,
you can click the link below to 
download your own F R E E letters to make a banner!!

However you put it together, I would love to see some pictures!
Send them to me at meghanpmccann@gmail.com, please.

Hope you have a great weekend
full of crafts, and things to be thankful for!


Click here to download

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