A Birthday Present

Hi friends!
Wow, who would have thunk!
I'm always trying to put up pretty pictures
and think of fun posts...and
little card I whipped up
was so popular!

Perhaps you like my little crafts?
Well good - 'cause I'm sharing another one today :)

My good friend Katie had a birthday recently
and my creative juices got flowing!

Once again, I grabbed all the things I had in my office 
that screamed "Katie" to me.  I printed up a little cover too.
She loves her some gold, mint & blush so I stuck with that theme.
(Katie and I are not lovers, however we are constantly 
on the lookout for ways to be together, so we joke that we should be sister wives
and then we could just be together all the time!)

Once I had all my pieces I started layering until I got this:

I added some paper to the inside and hand wrote a little message

Some coordinating paper for the envelope liner & we were cooking with gas

all that was left was some detail

and my card was complete!

Katie is a photographer, so I also embellished and framed a little print

and made a label for a scented candle

Not sure if it was a tease, or just a fun little extra
(for me it was just that it matched the scheme!)
but I stuck it all in a Tiffany's bag and was chomping at the bit to give everything to her!

So what do you think?
Do you like the gold/mint/blush combo?
Ever DIY a present?

Happy Birthday to my dear Katie!
Now it's back to the drawing board - 
I've got a few more birthday's coming up!!




1 comment:

Joanne said...

I think it is beautiful. I love the little frame & print you did for her. So personal. Better than any store gift.