Take a SIT!

Okay, sorry to constantly reference terrible telivision, 
but Paulina Rubio has the cutest little accent, 
and when she would "save" one of her contestants on X-Factor
she would tell them to have a seat,  
but it would come out as "Take a SIT!"
{please fast forward through this terrible version of "Call Me Maybe" (sorry Al) to 4:15 for an example}

But again,  I. DIE. GRESS.
 Now where was I...
Oh yes! Wouldnt it be fun to Take a SIT! at your Thanksgiving Table 
if one of these little guys was waiting for you?
One day I will have a grand dining room big enough to house all 
my crazy family (love you guys!)
But until then I'll just dream up little tablescapes like this:

So, who needs some for their own Thanksgiving table?
Keep your eyes out on my Facebook page for a chance to get your very own

In the meantime, what are your Thanksgiving plans?
Tablescape dreamings?
Would love to hear all about them!


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