Thanks! (and giving.)

Okay, first of all THANK YOU!
You sure know how to make a girl feel special :)
I was so touched by everyone who helped share my Facebook Page
because of you we reached the next milestone of followers!
How freaking fun!
Now, I'm sure we all have somewhere to go 
or at least someone to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, right?
Well I certainly do and I try to never show up empty handed...
so I thought I would share the wealth and maybe
you can show your appreciation to your dinner hosts...or guests!!


These guys can be printed on label paper to make sweet little stickers

Or printed on cardstock to make a little card.
All you would need is a hole punch and some string

All the tags are ready to be filled out and given with love!

No time to write your own message?
Perhaps these are more up your alley...

I LOVE giving breads as gifts. 
Nobody has even been pissed at freshly baked bread.
And they would certainly excuse your temptation to their diet
if they had these little wraps on them!

Cute right?
These guys can be found, right here in my shop :)

Be sure to take pictures of your creations, 
I would love to share what you guys do!

and just in case I haven't said it enough...
for your continued support.  Ya'll are the best. 


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