A sassy little wedding card

As I gushed about before
(here, here, & here)
my best friend got married last month!

Their event was a modern affair, filled with black & white stripes,
pops of bold colors, and GOLD.

I whipped up a little card for them, 
and I thought it would be cute enough to share.
Maybe you have enough odds & ends laying around to put 
one together yourself?

First I pulled everything I had that I thought could work
to coordinate with their scheme.

Then I cut my card, inserts, etc.
and got those all assembled.

I added a few stickers, and lined the envelope...

and with a gold paint pen, 
doodled in this sentimental note.
"You two Weirdos are perfect for eachother"

On the other side, I had to make a little joke
at the accidental timing of their wedding.
Claire wanted anything but cookie-cutter for her big day
and was mildly upset when she found out the date they had picked happened
to be a cheesy holiday :)

A little washi tape to seal the deal

and there you have it!

What about you? Made anything fun with what you have on hand lately?
I'd love to see!

Have a great day!

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Joanne said...

Seriously...so cute!