Bad Blogger 2.0

So, who's curious about the
Frucci's Crazy Christmas Party?

Well hopefully you're not too curious, because when I 
went to go take pictures after everything was all set up...
My battery was dead.

I guess you'll just have to take my word for how cute it was :)

To make up for my suckfest of a recap I'm going to feature these lady's 
gorgeously created (and photographed) events.

Ready, go.

Um, could you die?
It's a freaking Wrapping Party!
Next year I am TOTALLY doing this!

How about this refreshing alternative?
Hostess With The Mostess

How about this ridiculously cute

And finally, this
featured on The Party Dress.
So elegant.

Did you have a favorite?
What is your decorating style?

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