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We all know and love the traditional evergreen circle hung from front doors everywhere,
but have you taken some time to look at all these fancy alternatives?

Here are some of my faves:

Love these Martha poinsettia wreath centerpieces!

An awesomely perfect handmade creation found here

A subtly silver necklace for your next holiday party.

Hoping to hang your wreath somewhere other than your front door?
How about something like this:





Living Room

How about these beauts?
Get instructions here

Does that piping technique scare you as much as it scares me?
Well then this wreath cake is much closer to our ability.

posted this Etsy Wreath Roundup today on her blog.
Go check it out for all the sources,

The cutest little beanie, on a very cute little bean.
Courtesy of Creative Crochet

What kind of wreaths do you hang?
Hope you all have a fab day!

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