Tasty Tuesday: Wednesday Edition...

My loves!! 
I'm sorry I'm so late, but I promise this recipe is worth it.
I present to you:

Rum Balls!
These little lovely's are so impressively gourmet looking and so friggin' easy to make
that I'm kicking myself for this being the first time I've ever made them.

These were the first of many recipes I'm getting ready for the annual
 Frucci Crazy Christmas Sweater Party

I highly recommend adding these NO BAKE little fellas to your holiday spread!


See what I mean...

1 Cup chocolate chips
3 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup
1/2 Cup Light Rum
2.5 Cups Crushed Wafers
1 Cup Powdered Sugar (1/2 Cup for "batter" rest for coating)
1 Cup Chopped Nuts

Okay, so first you want to put your chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl and heat it in 45 second intervals, stirring in between until you get something that looks like this:

Once your chocolate is melted you want to add to it the corn syrup & rum until it's well incorporated.
(I do not recommend doing this whilst nursing a hangover, 
as I was getting a little queezy smelling all that rum stone sober...)

The chocolate will become darker and a bit thicker when it's all incorporated.
Something like this:

Crush your wafers & nuts in a food processor

and add those to the mixture as well.
Last in goes the powdered sugar and once it's all combined you want to pop it in the fridge for about an hour until the mixture firms up and you can roll it into balls like this:

These guys are rich, so you don't want them to be too big!

I opted to roll half of mine in powdered sugar and the other half in cocoa
and was very pleased with the result, but you could finish them in a number of different ways.

Once you're all done these bad boys need to go back in the fridge for 
Genius! Easy and necessary to be made ahead. 
I might have just found my favorite recipe!

What do you think?
Will you be trying rum balls for your holiday celebration?

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