Nothing like a good train wreck to start a Thursday.

Look, I know we are not shocked about her death.
& we are not surprised to learn that she died at the same age as 
That Heroin is tricky I tell ya!

But regardless, she had talent of epic proportions!
I remember the exact place in the world I was when I heard her voice for the first time,
and I've been hooked ever since.

Miss you you hot mess!!

Amy, I don't think there is any Heroin in heaven, but if there is - lay off!

Happy Thursday!


birdie to be said...

A definite hot mess! So unfortunate!

a Bug and Bird said...

haha... hahaha

i love that you 'went there' i had pretty much the same conversation and shared the same thoughts with everyone else i've spoken to

heroin in heaven, ha