Rain, Rain...

It's raining here.
As opposed to being Eeyore about it, I thought I'd conjure up a little shin-dig.

Why not celebrate?

Do you dance in the rain?


Melissa C said...

Adorable! Love the color combos.

birdie to be said...

So pretty! I love your board. I have a pair of Hudsons and love them!

Bud and Leo said...

So cute! Way to celebrate a rainy day :) I love fun umbrellas too!

a Bug and Bird said...

i dance in the rain if i am on my way home... maybe not 'dance' but at least stand there and look up towards the heavens

i'm SO buying a pair of hunter rain boots, they're on The List

while i live in Oz i plan on only purchasing 'investment pieces' like my leather bomber, trench coat, thrifted fur coat, some wellies, etc