Throw some glitter. Make it rain.

Whoops, yes, those were Ke$ha lyrics.
And whoops, yes, she spells her name with the money symbol.
And whoops, yes, she pronounces it all cray cray
her lyric perfectly describes the mood I'm in today:

Is it so much to ask to just have a little glitz mid-week?
I didn't think so.

Let's sparkle, shall we?


a Bug and Bird said...

Glitter is the best. I am actually heading over to the chemist today to find some glitter nail polish that dark, more of a New Year's feel, just because. And I am actually way too into Ke$ha (or however she spells it) for any of my friends...

Liz said...

So love this glittery roundup! Wouldn't it be fun if life were glittery & sparkly everyday?