Friday Faves
Hey now! Haven't had one of these bad boys in awhile
my bad.

Looking forward to a weekend full of celebrations!
Can't wait to tell you more about them!

In the meantime, faves anyone?

Here is a snippet of my new favorite blog.
Her house is gorg, her pics are perf, and her blog is major.
Translation: Go!


If there are any big strong handsome men that are looking
for a little something to gift their baking obsessed hunny, so she can make you delicious treats every night, this would be something I would recommend...
(that was subtle, right?)

I need one for Pants.

Okay, making it very hard for me here girl....

If I ran a lemonade stand like this
I would put Starbucks out of shop.

See, it's been so long since I put up a Weekly Plop, that he's driving now :)

Hope you have a fab weekend
Whats on your agenda?

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