Friday (lots 'o) Favorites

Either the internet was chalk-full of good finds this week...
....or I was just on it too much...

Either way, I've got a long list so let's get right down to it!

LOVE Inslee Design's fabulous sketches & prints.

No source but AMAZING.

TMH - I want (an Illinois one)

Need a blod Linus Dean rug.

UM, not sure I've ever needed anything so bad in my life.

Grady-Pants got his first haircut.
He was fine until they took out the spray bottle - then all hell broke loose.
Not to worry, he kept a firm grip on his taxi's steering wheel despite his vein-popping screams.
Man, I love him.

Hope you have a great weekend.
Wish us luck on our annual float trip! 

If I'm not back on Monday, send a search party out to the river!


Kat said...

ha! the pic of the first hair cut cracked me up! We'll be doing that soon.

Sherry said...

That picture of Michael Jackson and Mr. T cracked me up!!! Too funny!!

a Bug and Bird said...

too many amazing items. love the mj and mr. t, love the baby clothes

but alas

my favorite has to be the tree ring print!!!

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

I kind of pull that face when the spray bottle comes out at the salon. I sympathise Grady-pants!