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Though not everyone's favorite pattern,
I happen to be in a very naughty love affair with plaids of all types.

Here are some of my faves:

Warm your heart and your home with this preppy plaid
taper candle from Image Glow 

Yes. yes. yes.
My sister got married in August and ever since I have been actively planning my own wedding
(No, I am not engaged ... just planning)
Plaid bridesmaids are a must! Though I think I would do mine in green and blue...

hello adorable 3/4 sleeve bubble coat.
Perfect with a pair of skinnys or leggings and a killer set of boots.
Maybe even an oversized beanie.
The Ombre plaid coat can be found on Urban Outfitters' website.

Don't worry, you look marvelous,
but you're compact could keep up if it was this
bedazzled plaid one from Estee Lauder.
Out of my price range here

Is it just me or would these be adorable little gifts to and from the bride and groom?
Monogrammed or not it would be the most fashionable way to get rid of those pre wedding jitters.
The men's version can be found here and the girly one can be found here

Blair Waldorph, here I come.
I LOVE the red,white, and black one on the far left.
Andrea's Beau  is responsible for these bad boys.

How Cute!?
A Matching Lunchbox and Thermos!
get one and others like it here

I'm dying. Slowly & Painfully.
These are too much, and the outfit is even better.
Oh Forever 21  how you've done it again.

And the little money you have left, after you've purchased all this cute plaid stuff
you can store in this too cute for words wallet clutch!
Which I found cheap,cheap,cheap on Overstock.com 

Mad about plaid
and mad about you.


Click here to purchase this MegMac card inspired by plaid.

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